Your Thoughts

We have a new name, a new committee and excitment is in the air. Here is your chance to tell us who you are and what you'd like to see happen in the future. 

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1)   What Year Did you Graduate (or would you have graduated)?

2)   In 2020 we are going to organize a HHS alumni chili cook-off. Are you interested?

Yes No
3)   We are looking for past cheerleaders, jocks, band students. We want to acknowledge our past, present and future. Were you any of the above?

4)   We would like to see a large presence at school sponsored events, can we count on you?

Yes No
5)   Our alumni meetings are open to the alumni, staff and students but if you can't join us is there an idea, thought or suggestion that you'd like to share?

6)   What is your most fondest memory of highschool?

7)   Would you do us a favor and reach out and contact a few former classmates and alumni and tell them to log onto the website so we can get this party started!!!!!